Hi, I'm Alexander.

Business owners and entrepreneurs hire my team and me at Measurable Genius to become scaling growth firms in their industries.

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I’m building a personal brand by producing as much content as I can with the resources at my disposal (and you should be too).

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Alexander Ford takes very complex ideas and distills them down to easy to understand principles.

Alexander is a natural at speaking and belongs in front of a group sharing his unique value and service.

I will enjoy a long, productive relationship learning and growing alongside him as his material and programs expand.

I was blown away by his command of the material, organized delivery, and attention of the room. It was a great value and privilege to attend.

Wade Bruntjen

Alexander is a superb teacher, a dynamo speaker, and a brilliant connector.

I have been propelled in a very short time to collapse walls and build an articulate dream and see results in a few short weeks.

His one-on-one sessions are packed full of tools, insight and learning for a finely tailored outcome.

Group sessions are especially inspiring as I learn more and more about Alexander’s success as a ninja educator, and [also] from the wisdom of fellow attendees.

Both these mediums for growth are equally fulfilling and help me on my path to ever increasing empowerment.

Alexander’s gratitude is highly contagious and I now have adopted and integrated gratitude as a guiding light in my quest to a fabulous life!

Jacqueline Goudreau